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Frequently Asked Questions

What is that? - an SUP nose pivot!Where can I find my ACA number on the website?

There are two places on the website where you can find your ACA number:

1) Log in

  • Under "My Profile” on the right-hand side of the screen
  • Click on "Manage Profile”
  • Click on "Edit My Bio”
  • Your number will appear on that page

2) Log in

  • Click on "Profile Home” on the right-hand side of the screen
  • Click on the tab that says "My Bio”
  • Your number will also appear on that page.

NOTE: If you have a "Previous ACA Number,” please use that one.


Why do I have so many ACA numbers? And which one do I use?

Anyone who joined before 2008 will have a five or six digit ACA number.  While we have them on record in your profile as your "Historic ACA Number," those numbers are not searchable in our current database.

Anyone who joined between 2008 and March 2011 will have a 9-digit number beginning with either a 2 or a 3; it will be listed as your "Previous ACA Number" in your profile.  Please use this number.

Anyone who joined after March 2011 will have a number assigned by the current database. That will be your ONLY ACA number.


How do I change my username and password?

If you are already logged in and wish to change your user information, click on "Mange Profile" on the right-hand side of the screen. On the next page, click on "Edit Bio" - you can change your information there.


How do I change my subscription preference to Rapid Media?

In order to change your magazine preference, log in to the website and click on Manage Profile >> Edit Bio. The Edit Bio page will have a drop-down menu where you can select or change your magazine. If you have trouble logging in, please contact the Membership Department and we'll be glad to assist you. 


How do I update my family members online?

Click here and follow the steps to add or update a family member:


I am a Family Head, why do I only receive a renewal for myself and not my family member(s)?

Because the Family Head's dues cover all family members, in the interest of saving paper, we only invoice the Family Head (Family Adult 1). When we receive your Family renewal form, we automatically upate all of your family members, as well.


How do I opt-out of e-mails?

You have two options. You can either contact us and ask to be removed from the list, or you can login to your profile and click on "Manage Profile” on the right-hand side of the screen. Click on "Preferences” – there you can choose which e-mails you want to receive.


What are the prices for different membership types? How do I know which one to choose?

Click here for a list of current membership types and descriptions.

Pricing Structure:

  • Individual – $40
  • Family – $60
  • Introductory – $15 (a six-month trial membership. You can only be an intro member once.)
  • Instructor – $65
  • Instructor Trainer - $115
  • Instructor Candidate - $40
  • Student – $25
  • Senior – $25
  • Paddle America Club Individual - $30
  • Paddle America Club Family - $40

In order to receive the discount code for being a Paddle America Club Individual or Family Member, please contact the ACA Membership Department.

If you are an Instructor, but you qualify for either the Student, Senior, or Paddle America Individual discounts, contact the Membership Department for your discount code.

If you are an Instructor and a Family Head, choose the Family or Paddle America Family membership options – there will be an option to add your SEI dues to the total at the end of the registration process.


I am already a member, but I need to pay my SEI dues. How can I do that?

Under our current database, we combined the SEI and ACA dues into one Instructor membership. Therefore, if you try to pay your SEI dues the same way you paid for your membership dues, you will be asked to pay the full $65, not just $25. If you wish to pay ONLY your SEI dues, you can buy them as an "item" in the E-Store; we will receive notice of your purchase and apply it to your membership. You can also call the Membership Department and pay over the phone.


I am a current instructor, how come my name does not show up when I use the "Find Instructor” tool?

There was a glitch in the creation of that search function when the website was developed, and our contractors are working to resolve it.  In the meantime, simply contact the ACA Membership Department and give them permission and they will manually add you to the search function.


My profile says I am an Instructor Trainer, but I am not. Why?

When the new website and database were created, a glitch caused certain people to be incorrectly listed as Coastal Kayak Traditional Skills Instuctor Trainers. We are aware of the issue and are fixing the problem as we see it.


I am already a member, but the site does not recognize my e-mail address. What’s wrong?

Usually this issue occurs because we do not have an e-mail address on file for you. If we do not have one, the site will not recognize it. However, occasionally there will be a typo in the e-mail we have on file, which can also cause a problem. If this issue occurs, you can contact the Membership Department to obtain your login information.


I am a new member, but when I fill out the online form, the website said my name is already in the system. What do I do?

There are many people in our database that have the same name; if you join online and that message comes up, you can bypass it by simply clicking "Continue.” The purpose of the message is to keep old members from re-registering.


I am a recently expired member or was a member in the past; should I click on "Join the ACA?”

If you are a recently expired member, or you were a member in the past, you do NOT need to re-join. Everyone in our database was automatically assigned login information when we moved to the new website – even people who have not renewed in years. If you wish to know your login information, you can contact the Membership Department.


What are Promo Codes, and when and how do I use them?

Promotional Codes give certain discounts. Individuals who are members of a Paddle America Club can use the Paddle America Promo Code, which gives the $10 membership discount. Instructors who qualify for a Student or Senior membership can also enter in promo codes to get the $15 membership discount.(Note: the Student/Senior codes are for people registered as Instructor members). In the online store, if you order ten (10) or more books (the Instructor's Manual excluded), you can use the Bulk Order promo code to get your 25% bulk discount. All promo codes can be obtained by contacting the Memberhship Department. All promo codes are to be entered on the payment page.


How to Join a Group on the ACA online community:

Paddling Club

  • Sign-In to your account
  • Find a Paddling Club (left nav)
  • Click name of the club you want to join
  • After page opens, click on Request Membership
  • Please note, this allows you to view this club's online profile as part of the ACA online community, receive information from them, etc. It does not make you a full member of the actual club.

Divisions or International

  • Sign-In to your account
  • About Us - Divisions or International (left nav)
  • Choose which Division or International Group you would like to join
  • When Group Page opens, click Join Group

Instruction Groups

  • Find Instruction
  • Can only be added by a staff member, please contact the national office
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