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300 Mile Paddle partnership with ACA, Ocean Recovery Alliance and YOLOboard
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In partnership with Ocean Recovery Alliance and YOLO Board, Kimberley Sutton and Kacie Wallace plan to Kim and Kacieleave the border of South Carolina on June 8, World Oceans Day, and paddle on standup paddleboards roughly 40 miles per day up the North Carolina Intercoastal Waterway to the border of Virginia, inviting partners along the way to join in promoting ocean sustainability and reducing their plastic footprint.

Plastic is meant to be disposable, yet lasts forever.  It litters our oceans, damages our ecosystems, infiltrates the marine food chain, and kills seabirds, turtles, dolphin, and other marine life. As they paddle the entire North Carolina coast, Kim and Kacie will document and share the beauty of the North Carolina coastline from water’s edge in hopes of promoting its protection and preservation. They will seek fellow stewards through marinas and coastal North Carolina State parks by inviting their efforts to REDUCE, ELIMINATE, OR RECYCLE plastic.Intercoastal Waterway

Kim and Kacie invite marinas and parks to take the following steps in order to help build the community of those committed to reducing marine debris and promoting healthy oceans:

  • Offer refillable water sources
  • Provide or selling refillable bottles
  • Maintain a recycling program for all plastics
  • Provide a recycle bin for fishing line and maintaining the Fishing Line Recycling Program 
  • Post signs to educate people about marine debris and encourage them to eliminate, reduce, reuse, Intercoastal Waterwayrecycle plastics
  • Take active steps towards NO single use plastic distribution (containers, cups, utensils, bags, etc.)

Any park or marina that commits to at least four of the above, will be included in the documentation of the paddle and recognized by our partners (Ocean Recovery Alliance, Garden of Life, American Canoe Association) for their commitment to ocean sustainability and helping to reduce marine debris.

Kim and Kacie Need Your Help

They are looking for a boat to rent for their Intracoastal Waterway adventure to provide support.  In recognition of the beauty of our NC coast, in an effort to help protect it, and with the simple desire to experience it from water's edge, Kimberley Sutton and Kacie Wallace will be standup paddleboarding from the border of South Carolina to Virginia, leaving on June 8 (World Ocean's Day) along the Intracoastal Waterway.

The short term goal is simply to enjoy a sport they love, along the coastline they call home. The long term goal is to partner with NC Coastal Parks and marinas to minimize their plastic footprint in order to raise awareness of the precious nature of our marine environment and to protect it from plastics pollution. They also are engaging in this expedition in partnership with the Ocean Recovery Alliance and Kacie's race team, YOLO Board.

Kimberley and Kacie are asking for your help in finding a boat that could accompany them on their 8-9 day adventure up the Intracoastal Waterway. They hope to find a boat that can follow them for support and on which they can sleep, so that they can paddle as far as possible each day without worrying about where to stop, or how to get out of a storm quickly. Kacie's brother, who is an experienced and accomplished deep sea fisherman, is available to serve as captain and chief support and gear person. Her nephew, Oliver, is available for all other duties and tasks as assigned.

If you have any suggestions on a boat or Know of a boat that is available for rent June 7-18, please email:



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