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2012 CFS Grant Recipients
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Take a look at our 2012 recipients and their projects!

Where were 2012 CFS projects done?

Meet our 2012 CFS Recipients!

Great Rivers Paddlers Club and the City of Prairie du Chien, WI

In efforts to revitalize Washington Street Park and improve its waterfront, the Great Rivers Paddlers Club and the City of Prairie du Chien are partnering up to construct a dock and storage building for canoes and kayaks on the Marais de Saint Feriole, the Mississippi River slough between the mainland and the St. Feriole Island.

"The City of Prairie du Chien's efforts to increase canoeing and kayaking on the Mississippi River have been greatly improved with the announcement of a $1,000 grant from the ACA," wrote Mike Ulrich, Park and Recreation Director, in a January 20th press release announcing being a grant recipient.

See the full press release here.
Washington Street Park

Florida Paddling Trails Association (FPTA), FL

The FPTA is a statewide association of paddlers, clubs, outfitters, and other water trail supporters working together to develop water trails and protect the environments surrounding them. As part of this mission, the FPTA provides environmental training to paddlers, promotes water conservation to preserve their many spring fed waterways, and assists with Ocean Conservancy coastal cleanups and other waterway cleanups throughout the state.

The FPTA received a $1,000 grant to leverage the cost of cleanup supplies, trail signage, and educational materials promote the preservation, protection, and awareness of Florida's waters.
Florida Paddling Trails Association

Raritan Bay Paddlers Club, NJ

The Raritan Bay Paddlers Club is a newly formed organization. Less than a year old, the Raritan Bay Paddlers work to increase access and appreciation of the Raritan Bay and paddling in an urban environment. Establishing a partnership with the Raritan Riverkeeper, the Raritan Bay Paddlers are actively trying to build their capacity to initiate stewardship projects on the Bay.

The Raritan Bay Paddlers Club were awarded a CFS Grant in the amount of nearly $900 for the purchase of an auxiliary kayak so that non-kayak owners can participate in club trips and assist with stewardship initiatives in conjunction with the Raritan Riverkeeper.

"The Raritan Bay Paddlers Club is the first local community paddle club on the Lower Raritan. Their ideas and efforts should contribute to bringing greater attention to the recreational opportunities and needs on the Raritan. Our congratulations go to them... Everyone’s support, including the groundbreaking support by the American Canoe Association, contributes to an energized partnership to revitalize the Raritan into a great American river. Thanks again."
- Denise Nickel, Senior Project Manager with Middlesex County Improvement Authority

Paddle Without Pollution, PA

"Low Impact, Big Results." That's the slogan for this Pennsylvania-based non-profit working to restore and protect the health of rivers, streams, lakes, and wetlands through hands on stewardship and education. Almost exclusively using non-motorized boats in their efforts, Paddle Without Pollution utilizes volunteers of all paddling abilities to paddle into ecologically sensitive or shallow areas and clean waters that can't typically be reached by motorized boat or land-based cleanups.

Paddle Without Pollution was founded in 2011, and their 2012 campaign, "Bridges Over Troubled Waters," promises to be a year filled with cleanups, stewardship initiatives, and partnering with youth to educate and raise awareness about the issues that plague our water's health. Paddle Without Pollution was recently awarded $1,000 from the CFS Program to help fund their efforts and clean Pennsylvania's waterways.

Tidewaters Gateway Partnership, Inc., PA

Tidewaters Gateway Partnership, more affectionately known as Tidewaters, is a non-profit organization developed to support the coalitions among the Delaware River's many stakeholders who seek federal protection of the Delaware in order to encourage protecting and improving the river's resources.

Awarded $1,000 by the ACA, Tidewaters will be working in conjunction with the Delaware Canal State Park and the PA Department of Conservation and Natural Resources to install signage along 60 miles of the Canal Towpath.

Coal River Group, WV

Established in 2004, the Coal River Group is a non-profit organization that was established to "bring life back to the Coal Rivers." What simply started out as two men setting out to explore and fish the waterways of the entire 88 miles of the Big, Little and Coal Rivers, grew into efforts to organize a community based watershed group after finding a beautiful but troubled watershed.

The CRG has grown tremendously and was named the West Virginia Watershed of the year in 2009. The goals the Group established include preserving the ecological integrity of the rivers, promoting recreational opportunities and economic development of the waters, and promoting the rich history of the Coal Rivers and the region.

The CRG was recently awarded a $1,000 CFS grant from the ACA to construct an access ramp to serve as portage around a dam and dangerous waters. Promoting safe and responsible paddling is a primary tenet of the ACA, and we are proud to be able to help fund the CRG's efforts!

Autauga Creek Improvement Committee, AL

Assembled by the mayor of Prattville in July 2011, the Autauga Creek Improvement Committee is comprised of a group of citizens to discuss the cleanup and improvement of Autauga Creek, a historical and scenic waterway that flows through Prattville to the Alabama River. The committee began a volunteer cleanup effort that has been very successful in improving the aesthetics and navigability of the creek, which has now been designated as the Autauga Creek Canoe Trail.

Clearing fallen debris is being done to expand the Autauga Creek Canoe Trail. Currently, the Trail extends from the Alabama River to the historical Daniel Pratt Mill Dam (6 mi) and another 4 miles above the dam. Volunteer efforts will eventually clear the trail for another 16 miles along the main stem of the creek.

The Autauga Creek Improvement Committee was awarded a $1,000 grant through the ACA CFS Program to install informational kiosks at the trail head and just downstream of the dam. The kiosks will include a map of the trail, advice relative to paddling beyond the kiosk points, safety information, and a map of the lower creek and river with potential take-out sites.

City of Webster City, IA

In 2007, the City of Webster City, Hamilton County Extension, and Hamilton County Conservation (all non-profit organizations) joined together and organized the annual Boone River Cleanup. Starting in Webster City, they have cleaned up 22 river miles via walking and canoes with the goal of reaching the confluence with the Des Moines River this year.

The Boone River is one of the best rivers to paddle in Iowa. In the mid-80s, it was designated as Iowa’s first "Protected Water Area” by the Iowa Department of Natural Resources because of its natural and cultural qualities (much like the National Scenic Riverway program), and is also a River Priority Site for the Nature Conservancy. The Boone River Cleanup Crew consists of approximately 75 dedicated volunteers who work to keep the river clean and unobstructed. To date, they have retrieved 470 tires, 8260 lbs. of scrap metal, and 2890 lbs. of general trash from the 22 miles of the Boone River.

This year, the City of Webster City was awarded a $500 grant from the ACA to support their continued cleanup efforts on the Boone River. The next Boone River Cleanup is scheduled to take place in September of 2012.

Chesapeake Experience, VA

The Chesapeake Experience is a non-profit organization dedicated to creating on-the-water, hands-on, educational experiences for students, teachers, and the general public to increase stewardship of the Chesapeake Bay watershed.

Chesapeake Experience is developing a marine debris program that will educate students about the effects of marine debris on the health of wildlife and our waters, and will allow them to collect data on marine debris sources and trends in a kayak camp. They will also upcycle the items collected during cleanup by creating "Recycles Chesapeake Bay Species Art."

Boardman River Clean Sweep, MI

The Boardman River Clean Sweep (BRCS) is a volunteer based 501(c)(3) non-profit organization formed in 2011. They are orchestrating the 8th annual community-wide cleanup of the Boardman River.

The cleanup includes riverbank trash pick-ups along all navigable segments of the river, approximately 30 miles. Three dams have been definitively decided for removal along the river. As this process continues, water drained from nearby ponds has uncovered debris-laden shores that have been under water for almost a century.

The ACA/ L.L. Bean Club Fostered Stewardship Grant is going to be used by BRCS to purchase two Old Town 158 canoes to build their capacity for cleanups and to include non-boat owners. The canoes will be used to clean the downtown section of the river where the majority of debris is located.

"My goal is to not only keep the Boardman cleaned up but also to get other groups involved with river stewardship," said Norman Fred, Club President.

Return of the River, WA

John Gussman's film, Return of the River, is a film about the largest dam removal project in the history of the United States. "It is the story of a river unleashed after a century of impoundment, and the extraordinary community effort to set it free... It is a story about the power of water, and the power of people who love a place."

The Elwha River is the ancestral home of the Lower Elwha Klallam Tribe, who witnessed firsthand the effects of the 108-foot high dam on the river and all life that depended upon it. Build without fish ladders, the Elwha dam, which began construction in 1910, served as completely impenetrable barrier to fish migrations. For the first time in over 100 years, due to the tireless work of the Lower Elwha Klallam Tribe, countless activists and conservation organizations, the salmon run has been restored on the Elwha.

"I am so excited that the American Canoe Association has provided me with this grant to help in the final production of my film," says Gussman. "It is such a great feeling to know you are not alone in the fight to help save our natural environment, and it takes many voices to make a change."

Make a personal donation to Gussman's Kickstarter campaign to help fund the making of this film here.

We Love Clean Rivers, OR

We Love Clean Rivers, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) non‐profit organization dedicated to cleaning high use rivers by mobilizing the river recreation community in partnership with local environmental, recreation, and educational organizations. By coordinating with kayakers, rafters, anglers, scuba divers and tubers to clean up waterways, We Love Clean Rivers broadens engagement with river restoration activities, increases the recreation community’s understanding of threats to watershed health, and provides unique opportunities for the community to give back to the incredible resources we use year-round.

We Love Clean Rivers was awarded an ACA/ L.L. Bean CFS Grant to help fund the Clackamas Down the River Clean Up, which seeks to revitalize a 15-mile section of the Clackamas River from Barton Park, in Boring, OR, to the Clackamette Park, in Oregon City, OR. Since 2002, hundreds of volunteers return each year to participate in removing thousands of pounds of trash from the Clackamas River with We Love Clean Rivers. The ACA is proud to join the team and help make the Clackamas a healthier and cleaner river year-round!

Alzar School, ID

Based in Cascade, ID, on the Payette River, the Alzar School offers academic semesters for motivated high school sophomores and juniors that immerse students in a rigorous, challenging educational setting that emphasizes leadership training, outdoor adventure, environmental stewardship, and service learning.

In addition to building a world-class facility that emphasizes ecological sustainability, the Alzar School will be conducting a riverbank restoration project. Students will revegetate eroding banks with native plants and build cattle fencing to keep herds from grazing on the newly vegetated lands and entering the waterway.


Camp Oty'Okwa and Big Brothers Big Sisters of Central Ohio, OH

Big Brother Big Sisters of Central Ohio was awarded funds to incorporate river and waterway clean-ups into summer camp programming at Camp Oty'Okwa. A residential summer camp that utilizes the Hocking River, Lake Logan, and several creeks and streams throughout the area, Camp Oty'Okwa often provides first time paddling and camp experiences to at-risk youth populations.





Paddling Through the Past, VT

The Paddling through the Past Canoe Club has designed an expedition in heritage stewardship of the Lake Champlain-Richelieu River waterway via canoe. The group, led by archeologist Andrew Beaupre, will be conducting a historical and archeological study of the area that will be used to develop primary and secondary school curricula stressing historical stewardship of this unique waterway.

(Photo to Come)


The Urban Divers Estuary Conservancy (UDEC), NY

The Urban Divers Estuary Conservancy was awarded funds to help conduct stewardship and cleanup initiatives in the Harlem River during the Great Muscoota River Paddle. A day filled with environmental education and outreach, UDEC tries to raise awareness about the importance of conservation for the Harlem River, only one of seven rivers in the country to be part of the Federal Urban Rivers Partnership.

The Great Muscoota River Paddle will be carried out by UDEC with teh help of the Harlem River Work Group, National Park Service, CUNY Collaborative Education, and NYC City Parks.


Out of Sight, Out of Mind, OR

Out of Sight, Out of Mind is a team of three kayakers in Portland, Oregon, with a mission to promote the intrinsic and ecological importance of the world's oceans and waterways. By "being the change they wish to see in the world," the group aims to inspire others to join the effort and pick up litter as they recreate or explore their environments. Out of Sight, Out of Mind runs a human-powered monthly cleanup contest that has recruited submissions from every state in the US and 20 other countries.

Out of Sight, Out of Mind was awarded a grant to help fund their "Portland to the Ocean Trashpedition," during which they will be paddling 100+ miles of the Columbia River to where it meets the Pacific Ocean with canoes in tow to collect garbage. They will be documenting efforts along the way to "show the path of plastic pollution from purchase and consumption at a downtown convenience store to the storm drain, into the river, all the way to the ocean." This documentary will help to spread the message about the dangers of plastic litter and what we as paddlers can do to stop it.

"Paddlers have a unique view on the water. We move slow and see things most would miss while on land. As scouts of the coast, bays, estuaries, and rivers, we have an opportunity as a paddling community to remove plastic debris from our waterways before they collect in ocean gyres," says Jason Self of Out of Sight, Out of Mind.


Calumet Waterway Stewards, IL

The Calumet Waterway Stewards were founded on an enthusiasm for paddling and a love for their region’s waterways and cultural heritage. Promoting what the Southland has to offer, CWS demonstrates a strong commitment to clean rivers and streams and a desire to help make our waterways enjoyable for all.

CWS was awarded a grant this year to help fund a seven mile cleanup of the Little Calumet River, from South Holland to Blue Island, as well as a land-based cleanup of the Forest Preserve District of Cook County's Little Calumet River Boat Ramp. "The cleanup will help citizens see first hand the impact of their efforts on the condition of the river. It will encourage and empower them to participate in other activities aimed at improving the river. At the same time, it will raise their awareness of non-polluting recreation (canoeing, kayaking, and rowing) that they can enjoy on the river."

(Photo to come)


Oregon Ocean Paddling Society, OR

The Oregon Ocean Paddling Society (OOPS) is "the Premier kayaking club of the northwest" that offers high quality trips and classes to all levels of paddlers with an emphasis on safety and promoting good on-water stewardship.

This year, OOPS, in conjunction with SOLVE, is organizing Oregon Waters and People from Summit to Sea, which seeks to build a strong awareness of the human connection and dependence to water by celebrating the Native American presence on Oregon wasters for over 10,000 years. During a trip following the water from Oregon's highest mountain (Mt. Hood), down the class III/IV rapids of the White and the Deschutes Rivesr, down the Northwest's largest river (the Columbia), and along the entire Oregon Coast, this team of paddlers will be hosting river and beach cleanups, presentations, and community paddles.

"We are all connected to water," says Bob Weinman, coordinator of Summit to Sea. "We want to connect children and communities with their watersheds by sharing the stories and traditions from local tribal members whose people have lived here for over ten thousand years." You can follow the team during their decent online through water trail maps and a weekly dispatch blog.


(Photo to come)

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